Hot Laminator with 2 Rolls

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$149.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Easy to Operate
Ultra Fast Warm-up Time
Special Separation Lever

This hot 25" Wide Roll Laminator has been specifically designed to eliminate the problems and confusion of operation.

Parting of the pressure rollers enables the operator to easily thread the laminator, avoid flat spots during extended down time and free the film from the rollers in the event of a wrap-around. Ultra fast warm-up time ensures less waiting time.


Simplicity of Operations:
  • Turn on Power.
  • Adjust Temperature.
  • Start Motor.
Ultra-Fast Warm-Up:
  • Warm-Up time of 5 minutes. Therefore, no need to leave unit turned "ON" all day 
    and waste electricity. Lower cost of operation.
Operation Lever:
  • Parts rollers in event of a "Wrap Around".
  • Reduces "flats" during extended down time.

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